life @ east of la


The culture of East of LA is family.  We respect our staff and we respect our clients.  As soon as you contact us we will go out of our way to make you a part of the family.  Come visit and sit down with a nice hot cup of coffee.  We also understand that our staff has lives outside these walls.  We put a great deal of pride in that we don't like people to work incredible amounts of overtime.  We would rather make a smaller profit and hire more artists to ensure that everyone is happy and the product we produce is the best quality it can possibly be.  We understand that overworking staff leads to mistakes and poor judgement.  

We decided at the outset that the best way to run a VFX company is how we like to work and live.  Sometimes OT is a part of the job.  But it shouldn't be the whole job.  We want our artists to always want to do the best work possible and that means being well rested and fed.  And somehow we do all this, while offering some of the most competitive rates in the industry without sacrificing anything.

We have also streamlined the process of getting shots done.  Our custom pipeline is built for speed and efficiency.  We don't have to worry about misplaced files.  It's all automated.  A few seconds saved, leads, once again, to less overtime worked and happier artists!  We are also using the latest cloud technologies to make sure all of our data is redundant and stored offsite, in case of emergency.

Contact us today and join our family.  We can't wait to hear from you!