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pete guzzo - Executive producer

Pete is a creative with unlimited vision. The space from which he works best is outside of the creative box . He always looks to expand his horizons and constantly seeks creative challenges .

Pete has forged an eclectic career from behind the camera. He has quickly catapulted to success through a variety of production experiences as a Commercial Director, Executive Creative, Executive Producer, Post Production Supervisor and Indie Film Director winning numerous and substantial global awards.

Pete’s creativity continues away from his production work. He creatively challenges himself by coming up with new, ambitious workout routines, grilling new recipes on his smoker, or volunteering to produce PSAs for non-profit organizations and charities.

Pete’s Experience

● 15 years in commercial, original content, broadcast television and new media productions
● 13 years as a Creative Lead and Director
● 13 years as a Executive Producer, Senior Producer and Creative Lead for Production Companies and Post Houses
● 15 years producing and directing broadcast/TV network content

Pete’s rich background and elevated production experience ensure that he has nurtured and grown many client relationships with TV, advertising agencies and their clients, reaching and even exceeding their financial goals and marketing results.

Pete has produced multiple forms of visual content for various well-known brands: Ford, Dell, Transitions, United Way, Terminix, Cooper Tires, NAPA Auto Parts, HGTV Purina, Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, UNICEF, Habitat for Humanity, 3M and other national & global brands. 

Pete's Work


richard servello - President & Head of visual Effects

It's been a long road for Richard.  As a kid he was inspired by films like The Dark Crystal, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, and Jurassic Park for creating new worlds to get swept away in.  As a teenager, films like Dark City, and The Crow grabbed his attention for the way they presented darkness as a character and built a world that couldn't be real, but forced itself into reality.  In college, films like Fight Club and The Matrix sparked the real inner drive to be a part of the creation of these worlds.

Richard attended Full Sail University's Computer Animation program when it was in it's infancy.  There were very few schools teaching visual effects and it was a long time dream to learn the trade.  While in attendance he discovered compositing.  It was never even on his radar.  It was a foreign part of the process that became a fast obsession.  Learning the in's and out's of Shake he graduated with the new goal of being a professional compositor.  Living in Florida tho.  It wasn't an easy goal to achieve.  He decided that the only way in, was through.  He picked up some free work on an independent film out of Atlanta, Georgia called Zombeak.  It was a crazy movie about a possessed chicken.  As luck would have it.  A shot from that film on his reel landed him his first real job in an advertising firm (alongside producer Pete Guzzo in fact...we are a family here and keep long ties!).

After a couple years working in advertising, an opportunity presented itself.  A feature film in Los Angeles needed an experienced compositor for 4 weeks!  He packed up all of his worldly possessions and moved out west in pursuit of a career so hard fought.  The job ended and the studio had no more immediate work.  Fortunately, Richard has always been a networker.  Contacting a long time friend and editor he had worked with, he was put in touch with a producer and that kick started a 10 year career in Los Angeles.

Richard has worked on many great feature films, including Oscar winning Life of Pi.  He has worked on action films like Green Lantern, San Andreas, and the newly released Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and countless television series, like Angie Tribeca, Westworld, Major Crimes, and Dallas.

After over a decade of freelance consulting, Richard decided to open his own shop.  With years of experience and a wealth of contacts in both production and talent he devised a plan.  To build a company that not only provides the best quality visual effects in the industry...but to do it in a way that would be affordable and competitive against even outsourced vendors.  East of LA VFX was born (being an homage to his humble beginnings, 2500 miles east of Los Angeles).